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#WHYIRACE – Anthony Droz  

Published by Spartan Race on Mon, 2015/05/25 - 01:00

Anthony Droz Name: Anthony Droz
Hometown: Somerville
Age: 27
Races Completed: NJ,PA,Ohio, CA, AZ
Race Planned: I’m a Spartan employee and I have nine races left this year, I plan to do as many of them as I can while on the road. Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze a few in here and there when I’m home too.
Team Affiliation: Veterans Expeditionary Team
Trifecta: 2015


For all the sons and daughters who never returned home from their time while serving the United States Military… I Race.

For my injured brothers and sisters who want a comrade to run along side… I Race.

For those struggling silently with PTSD and Depression that need to know someone remembers the brotherhood, I do. Because for you… I Race.

For the glory of pushing myself past my limits and overcoming that voice in my head telling me to quit when I’m all but depleted… I Race.

To be… A Spartan… I Race.