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Corporate Team Conquers Green Monster  

Published by Spartan Race on Wed, 2015/05/27 - 11:16

DigitasLBi Boston takes on Spartan Race at Fenway Park Sprint

On November 15, 2014, a group of 17 brave DigitasLBi Boston employees took to Fenway Park to participate in the Spartan Sprint. Our team was made up of a varied group of male and female employees from different areas, including marketing, finance, staffing and human resources. While many of us knew one another, few are able to work together on a daily basis.  That didn’t matter once the race started. When one of us hit a wall, someone was there to provide a boost. When someone halfway up the rope was thinking of sliding down, there were words of encouragement from the team to finish. The race was grueling but fun! Simply put, the Spartan Race experience brought us closer together.F91A0562

At DigitasLBi Boston, a global marketing and technology firm, the ’agency lifestyle’ is exciting, competitive and we like to think what separates DigitasLBi from the rest is our ability to collaborate across different groups — as such we push ourselves and our clients to embrace all challenges head-on. If you couldn’t tell by our magical unicorn logo, we like to have some fun as well. (After all, we do have a tap room in our office, just turn left at the ping pong table!)

F91A0730We constantly look for ways to connect outside of the office. When we learned about the Spartan Race Fenway Park Sprint, we saw lots of synergy. Apologies for the marketing buzzword, but it’s true. Spartan Race isn’t your average 5K — it’s a full-on adventure requiring strength and determination to overcome challenges and obstacles. There are walls, ropes, barbed wire, sandbag carries and, of course, and of course, the post-race beer. The experience is exciting, competitive and fun. Best of all, you can participate as a team. Needless to say, we had to race!F91A0714

Spartan Race helped coordinate a corporate program for a DigitasLBi team that included some spectacular benefits in addition to the race itself.  We acquired spectator passes for friends and family, parking accommodation and were even given our own private suite for post-race celebration! Coordinating all those runners and logistics can be tricky, but the organization, communication and passion shown by the Spartan Race HQ helped make the entire process stress free, allowing us to focus on race day.

Team DigitasLBi Boston

Photo Credit: Matt Macomber for DigitasF91A0498