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Boise Sprint – Race Preview  

Published by Spartan Race on Thu, 2015/05/21 - 11:10

Written By: Spartan Pro Team Member Brian Hoover

Idaho ButteSpartan has a new venue to conquer. Venturing to the state of Idaho, a place famous for potatoes, Spartan Race is on track to provide the ultimate obstacle course race for the greater Boise area. In true Spartan style, they have ventured outside their comfort zone in search of new recruits to “Rip Off the Couch”.

Located along the Payette River in the Snake River Valley, the Big Nasty Ranch is well known for plenty of steep hill climbs along the river that breaks up to the top of the plateau. These climbs are extremely steep with loose footing. A regular training regimen of hill intervals is key and could provide for a great advantage in this race. Beyond that, the valley below is a blank canvas for the race designer whose imagination craves to provide brutal challenges for those willing to attempt to conquer his creation. For new racers, this race may be as much about training the mind to endure and conquer as it is about physical strength and stamina. The Big Nasty promises to provide goat paths for the mountain man with enough wide open spaces to satisfy the craving of any trail runner, plus plenty of mud and obstacles for all.

On race day, Spartan provides plenty of activities for the whole family. Don’t forget the kids race, a mini version of the real thing open to youngsters ages 4 to 13. With walls to climb and obstacles to overcome, the younger set gets a good taste of the real thing and an opportunity to claim the Spartan title and say they ran the Spartan Race. Plus, as a new venue, Boise is a great place to volunteer, and hundreds of volunteers will be needed to make it work. With opportunities everywhere from entrance sales to the obstacles themselves, Spartan gives a free race pass to anyone who steps up and helps contribute.

This inaugural race is sure to see a whole new line-up of local competitive athletes mixed with some seasoned elite veterans. Seasoned veterans such as William Swope, Mike Bishop, Christopher Rutz and Brian Hoover are slated to be in the lineup. For Brian, a graduate of BSU, this may seem a bit like going home, but with these two groups battling for the rights to stand atop the three tiered podium and collect the paycheck that goes along with it, he’ll have his work cut out for him.  We can only wait and see what other names new to the OCR world may appear. Regardless of the competitive outcome, Spartan Race will ensure a great challenge for thousands of racers. It will momentarily quench the never ending thirst for finding those in need of a challenge and ripping them off the couch. We’ll see you at the finish line.