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AT&T Stadium Sprint – Race Preview  

Published by Spartan Race on Thu, 2015/05/28 - 13:41

Race at the Home of the Dallas Cowboys

By: Spartan Pro Team Member Miguel Medina

V6_Photo-RaceVenues-ATTDallas-rAT&T Stadium is an arena unlike any other in the great state of Texas. With a capacity accommodating 85,000 people it is the home of one of the National Football League’s most beloved and venerated teams, the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium also plays host to concerts, basketball games, college and high school football events, international soccer games, motocross events…and for the first time a Spartan Stadium Sprint.

Spectators and participants will be able to enjoy the action from the race as participants are treated to the full Spartan Race stadium experience. This race has all the running, climbing, crawling, jumping, and challenges found in a Spartan Sprint without the mud. Additionally, this Spartan Sprint includes a special twist of physical tests found uniquely in the stadiums, which serves as a great introduction to Spartan Race for a first timer — don’t be afraid to register with some friends to form a team to conquer all of Spartan’s obstacles!

If you’re looking to challenge yourself, the Elite field is an exciting race to join or watch on the nation’s largest video screen that hangs from 20-yard line to 20-yard line as many from the Elite field including Spartan Pros: McCauley Kraker, Isaiah Vidal, Miguel Medina, and Chris Rutz compete in this heart-pounding, gut-wrenching obstacle- filled, three mile sprint course.

Beyond the Spartan Sprint Finish Line

Beyond the finish line Spartans are in for a treat as Dallas has plenty of places to check out! Dallas is a melting pot of food and culture with more restaurants per capita than New York City. You can find all types of cuisine ranging from seafood, barbecue, Italian, Japanese, or even Tex-mex like Velvet Taco — your palate will be in culinary heaven. Plus, if you want to check out The Shed, which happens to be the largest farmers’ market in the United States in the heart of Dallas. There you can pick up organic foods and fresh cuts of meat, cheese, eggs, artisan foods and of course, local farmers’ produce! It’s a great place for Spartans to enjoy all that Dallas has to offer. Make sure to go earlier in the day if you want the best selection of produce. Cash is prefered by most vendors but some accept debit and credit cards and ATM’s are available.

If you forgot to pack anything for your trip have no fear, the city’s West End Market Place has tons of shopping options for locals and tourist alike. Plus, the city is riddled with shopping malls. The nightlife in Dallas is a world-class experience. Check out Deep Ellum which is known for its diverse art and entertainment scene, and it has more bars and nightclubs than any other district in the city. It was once a haven for Jazz and Blues and has evolved into an explosive music scene with unique cafes, saloons, and halls with tunes for all musical preferences. This district is also a place for artists to share their works with the world through a lively community of galleries, street murals, public art and creative displays like the community-wide mural project.

So, what are you waiting for? The AT&T Stadium Sprint is filling up, so sign-up today and register with your best friends and get out there to conquer the home of the Cowboys together. For the brave and bold, test yourself against Spartan’s best in the Elite heat. Enjoy everything the city of Dallas has to offer from food, music, art, and of course, Texan hospitality. Yeehaw and AROO!Dallas Skyline