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Utrecht Mud Masters Indoor 5k 2019-03-15  


Mud Masters


MM 5k
Friday, March 15, 2019
Jaarbeurs Event Hall 3
3521 AL Utrecht

We proudly present our first indoor event! Together with your friends, you’ll experience the 5 or 10 km indoor course complete with all-round workout zones and obstacles. There will also be a DJ, street food and a large bar. This ‘work hard, play hard’ workout festival is sure to be a training milestone for you and will prepare you for the next Mud Masters event.

The course has been constructed in such a way that you run 500 meters and then enter the arena in the middle of the hall to conquer an obstacle or complete a workout. You repeat this 10 or 20 times. So before you proudly cross the finish line, you will have run 5 of 10 kilometers and completed 10 or 20 different obstacles and workouts.

The workouts and obstacles offer various levels for different levels of fitness. There is a race group (Alfa), and you can clock your own time, but finishing together is more important.

You won’t find any mud, water or ice-cold baths on this course. For those extra adrenaline kicks you’ll get a rain check that you can ‘cash in’ at the next outdoor event…

For the latest details on this race, always refer to the organizer official website by clicking on the official link at the top of this page. If you have questions related to this event, use the contact page of the organizer website.