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OKC Conquer the Gauntlet Continuum 2019-06-22  


Conquer the Gauntlet


CTG Continuum
Saturday, June 22, 2019
12104 S County Line Rd
Mustang, OK 73064
United States

Runners competing in the CTG Continuum® must begin with the elite wave. Instead of crossing the finish line they will enter the ‘Continuum’ and begin another lap. Runners will attempt to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted time. The cut off time to START your final lap is 5 hours after the start of the elite wave.

There will be a designated ‘LIONS DEN’ pit zone in the festival area between the start and finish lines where competitors can rest, recover, refuel, and be encouraged by the members their ‘Pride’. The ONLY individuals, outside of competitors, permitted into the ‘LIONS DEN’ are the 3 crew members of each competitors ‘Pride’. Each competitor will be assigned a designated ‘stall’ where they can set their personal belongings (rehydration packs, 1 chair, water, snack, etc.). There will NO outside tents, tables, vehicles, or pets allowed in the ‘LIONS DEN’.

Each competitor of CTG Continuum® is allowed to choose 3 members to be in their ‘PRIDE’. These members must wear their CTG Continuum® ‘PRIDE’ wrist band at all times and must be a spectator or runner of the CTG event. ‘PRIDE’ members may only provide assistance to the Continuum participant while in the ‘LIONS DEN’. If a ‘PRIDE’ member is a registered CTG runner they may not run additional laps alongside the Continuum competitor without purchasing additional laps at the INFO tent (the ‘PRIDE’ crew member wristband is not a free, all access, unlimited pass to running the course. It is for the members who have been chosen by the Continuum competitor to help them recover and be encouraged as they finish and begin laps.)

For the latest details on this race, always refer to the organizer official website by clicking on the official link at the top of this page. If you have questions related to this event, use the contact page of the organizer website.