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No Spartan Left Behind: ABFC Mud Runners  

Published by Spartan Race on Thu, 2015/05/21 - 09:08

The AFBC Mud Runners team is comprised of many unique and distinctive individuals who train together at the About Face Boot Camp (AFBC) in Cramerton, North Carolina. Although the Boot Camp does not officially sponsor the team, the amazing coaching staff and members (Mike Williams – Team Captain, Holden Robinson, Lauren Moss, and Carlette Bynum) have been a major influence on the success of the team, and they have committed to helping each team member work toward reaching their fitness goals.


At the recent Carolina Sprint, several members of the About Face Boot Camp coaching staff joined forces with the ABFC Mud Runners team as they took on their very first Reebok Spartan Race. The idea to run the Spartan Sprint had come up as the team found themselves looking for a new way to further challenge themselves. With many members over 35 years old, the team is dedicated to continually testing each individual’s skill set, so when someone said, "Let’s do the Spartan Sprint!", 45 people immediately jumped on board!

AFBC Mud Runners Team


Several of the ABFC team members and Boot Camp staff were already Trifecta holders, however, for many teammates this event would mark their very first Reebok Spartan Race. When race day arrived, a few team members would choose to run for the their own personal records, while others elected to stay behind to make sure that all team members finished the race. Despite this wide range of physical ability, we ultimately made a commitment to start together and finish together with a "no man left behind" mentality.

Carolina Sprint Biggest Team Award

We are proud to say that EVERYONE finished the race! What an accomplishment!  We even picked up a new team member, Sara Said, along the way. Sara was injured while serving in the armed forces, and as a result was paralyzed for a number of months. After her recovery she wanted to prove to herself that she could complete a Reebok Spartan Race, and team members Mike Williams, Jamie Spargo and Holden Robinson stayed by her side the entire way to help make sure that her dream became a reality!


The Charlotte Sprint proved to be an incredible day for the ABFC Mud Runners and About Face Boot Camp coaching staff. We are so proud of each team member who committed to crossing the finish line, and we can’t wait to get to do it again. Our next goal is the Spartan Super in Asheville, NC! We’ll see you there! AROO!


  • Mike Williams, ABFC Coach & Team Member
No Spartan Left Behind: ABFC Mud Runners - overview

Summary: AFBC Mud Runners, Biggest Team at the Carolina Sprint 2015