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Spartan Super and Sprint Weekend in Toronto.  

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On June 24 and 25, the Super weekend (Saturday) and the Sprint (Sunday) weekend took place in the Toronto area at the Brimacombe Ski Resort. This year’s new administration means new course and it was appreciated.

Brimacombe was known for its muddy course finale and its elongated track towards  the fields and wind turbines. This year the rain of the previous day had soaked much of the course of the super Sunday morning and also surprised the open wave Sunday afternoon when the storms forced the closing of several obstacles.

The super the race started at 8:30 am sharp for the man elite wave (8:45 for women) with speed and fury . Although Brimacombe is a lower mountain than many of the ski resorts used by Spartan, the use of the terrain by the race director and his team enabled the good climber to shine. Well-distributed obstacles and beautiful sections of race connecting them allowed everyone to appreciate the event. The trails of Brimacombe are winding and fast (without being technical) but the hard carry with the new weights (heavier sand bag) and tractor pull in wet clay allowed a good balanced between strength, speed and agility.

On the elite men's podium were Jesse Bruce (member of the Spartan team), Samuel Hébert (member of the Spartan team) and Raymond Mendoza. In the women elite wave April cockshutt, Charlotte Bernier and Gabrielle-Anne Désy were on the podium. Ian St-Laurent for the men Masters has won all weekend by winning the sprint also on Sunday. Tom Petryshen and Éric Dupuis were second and third respectively. For the women master Cynthia Campanaro, Marie-eve Lamontagne and Kari Shneider won the honors.

As for the Sunday sprint, more than 7000 people took the start. The course was shortened by eliminating the field section, but the tractor's pull was brought closer to the festival area next to the spear throw. The platinum rig was slightly modified to add a foot ring towards the end and the bucket carry decreased by almost half. Those modifications result in an extremely fast course where the runners were able to finish their race with strength. The timed results were therefore much tighter which allowed Raphael Doye to get closer to Jesse Bruce,who the day before, enjoyed a more than comfortable lead and Raymond Mendoza to finish just behind. For the women April Cockshutt, just like Jesse Bruce and Cynthia Campanaro, won 2 consecutive victories in as many races during the weekend followed by Nancy Bourassa. For the third place for women, a failure to complete the rig and failure to respect the penalty of 30 burpees should give Gabrielle-Anne Désy a well deserved 3rd place. In men's master Ian St-Laurant crossed the fire with fury in his eyes and a great lead over Ryan Dawson and Joel Gravel. Among the women Cynthia Campanaro, Cindy Cornelsen and Vincente Hanot got on the podium. Cindy, that missed the super podium by only a few seconds.

Special mention to Spartan for offering family one of the greatest kids race ever seen (more than 900 participants). A fantastic course well adapted to the level of the race as well as the obstacles allowed the smallest as well as the grown-up ones to push their limits and test their physical ability in a safe environment. The mini-athletes were led by Jesse Bruce, April Cockshutt, Cynthia Campanaro and Sylvie Minaigre for an exciting start. Great generosity from great athletes who never stopped encouraging the next generation.