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Savage Race Maryland 2019  

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May 4, 2019, a blue smoke spreads on the wet grass due to the rain the day before. We hear the crowd replying to the Emcee yelling: “ Savage! ''. The crowd answers back: “ Race! ' . The countdown is launched and the race start, so is the OCR Nation's 2019 Savage season.

The racers were there in large numbers during this spring edition (because yes, if you missed it and cannot wait until 2020, Savage Race always come back in fall at the same place). The course designed by Lee Stowell represented this year a nice balance in strength, speed and agility. It must be said that an unforeseen obstacle occurred during the elite wave ... a torrential rain of a few minutes transformed sections of already soggy ground into a zone of deep mud.

In the first half of the race the participants faced the classics like twin peaks (a series of 2 ramps, the “ Great Wall ” (8 'wall) then the' ‘nuts masher’ '(a balance beam over a pool of water) followed by the iced pool water called “Shrivel Richard”. Until the racer get to the twin peaks, obstacles are part of what a competitor who has made several races already knows. Then comes the pedal to the metal: this is an ingenious obstacle to burn your quadriceps. The racer must lie on his back on the ground and make the wheel turn with his legs only, the wheel acts like a winch to pull a tire with a rope tie to it. At first sight it seems simple and relatively easy, but I came out of it with my legs sore and I wasn’t even halfway in the race!

The second half of the course was filled with the crowd favorites such as the wheel world, sawtooth, colossus, Davy Jones Locker and battering ram. Needless to say, the upper body was heavily needed in this second part and the gallons of water from all those obstacles made the whole thing slippery. The last portion of the course was not going to be easier with the new obstacle “ piece of queso ”. This new one had the objective to get what was left of your grip  strength before crossing the finish line.

On the elite wave, obstacles are mandatory and use a double-chip system (one is on Velcro). For the open waves, you can choose obstacles according to your personal limits. For families, a kids race is also offered. Note that for children over 9-10, the course may be a little short and easy.

The festival area is very well located and always lively. There are food trucks restaurants with several varieties of menu (healthy or not), the Savage Race boutique and a selfie board with the Savage race logo for your Instagram.

The next destination for Savage will be Charlotte on May 18-19 or Zanesfield, Ohio on June 8-9. Prices range from $ 119 in open or $ 139 for the elite version. Note that the Savage Race regularly offers an attractive discount on their website and social media account.