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Charlotte BoneFrog Endurance 2018-11-10


Bone Frog Challenge


BoneFrog Endurance
Samedi, 10 Novembre, 2018
Porter Farms
4455 Mt Pleasant Rd S
United States

BONEFROG is proud to announce our newest race option. BONEFROG Endurance. Sign up for BONEFROG Endurance and get a special wristband that is your pass to multiple laps and the most demanding day in OCR. After your first TIER-1 lap is completed, you’ll enter the course again for the remainder of the day to run as many Sprint laps as your motivation and muscles can stand. If you have a never-quit heart, the BONEFROG Endurance course is the race for you.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a BONEFROG Endurance racer? Prove it and sign up today!

Earn the brand new BONEFROG Endurance medal and earn additional frog pins for each lap through the Sprint course after completing TIER-1. BONEFROG will award you with 1x Green frog pin for every Sprint lap (including your TIER-1 Sprint lap). Completing your fifth Sprint lap will earn you the coveted Gold frog pin. After your fifth lap, you will earn a Green frog pin for laps 6 through 9, and if you complete a 10th lap, a second Gold frog pin will be awarded. Will you be the FIRST double Gold frog pin recipient? Awards will be given to the Endurance athlete with the most laps completed by the end of the day.

Pour les derniers détails sur cette course, référez-vous toujours sur le site officiel de l'organisateur en cliquant sur le lien officiel en haut de cette page. Si vous avez des questions concernant cet événement, utilisez la page de contact du site de l'organisateur.